The statements on the wall newspaper are the result of the project ‘This should be made public’ that took place in four different places around the world: Luxembourg, Cairo, Milan and Bangkok.

The project was originally conceived for the magazine festival Colophon 2007 in Luxembourg. Taking the basic meaning of publishing as ‘making something public’, the project wanted to spark ideas and discussions as to what it is that should be made public / published.
A workspace was created in one of the rooms of the museum offering space and equipment to write, draw and design. The visitors were invited to express their ideas of what should be made public using the blank area on the provided cards. At the end of the festival hundred of cards covered the walls of the space, displaying a large variety of comments – ranging from serious to humorous, from spontaneous to elaborate.

Fuelled by the vivid response of the public, the project was also staged in Cairo. In addition to a similar exhibition-workspace at the Goethe Institute, large posters were fly-posted around downtown Cairo, inviting the passer-bys to express their ideas and comments. Despite the rather tight control of public expression, the blank areas of the posters were quickly filled with outspoken and strong comments.
Staging this project in Bangkok posed another challenge as it is uncommon in Thailand to openly express personal opinion. The workspace was placed in a central shopping mall, which in Bangkok doubles as a highly frequented public space. The response and participation was unexpectedly vivid, with nearly 2000 cards covering the walls of the space in multiple layers.

The poster does contain all the written comments of the cards. Trying to avoid repetition, the same comment is only included once. Other cards were pure visuals without a clear statement and could therefore not be included on this poster. All cards in their original form and language are archived at FLICKR.

The results of the projects are of course not an objective opinion poll of these cities; it however gives an insight into the issues and concerns of the people in these diverse places – offering food for thought that will possibly trigger further discussions and reactions.

‘This should be made public’ has taken place in the following locations:
Luxembourg: Colophon 2007, International Magazine Symposium, Luxembourg, 9–11 March 2007. In collaboration with Marianne Grisse
Cairo: Goethe Institute Cairo, Egypt, 23–30 October 2007. In collaboration with Mahmoud Hamdy
Milan: Signjam Festival for urban culture Milan, Italy, 25 May 2008. Curated by Andrew Losowsky
Bangkok: Bangkok Design Festival, Thailand, 14–26 October 2008. In collaboration with the Thai design studio “Be Our Friend”, Mali Chaturachinda

Poster / Wall Newspaper 960 x 670 mm
B/W on newsprint, packaged with additional imges and information in environmentally friendly plastic sleeve
© 2009

Price: € 10,00